Orders Fulfillment

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  1. Filter Order Listing

Filter orders by Status, Date or Customer

  1. Export Listing

Export listing as .CSV format 

  1. Bulk Actions

Option to update status per order or in multiple selection

  1. View Order

Click order number to view order details 

  1. Action Button

Select    to print Invoice

Select   to print Packing Slip

  1. Order Status

Processing – Payment successful, awaiting order fulfillment by Seller

Pending – Order received, awaiting payment by Shopper

On-Hold – Awaiting payment

Failed – Payment failed

Cancelled – Order cancelled by Shopper or Weelago.com

Refunded – Order refunded by Weelago.com requested by Shopper

Completed – Order fulfilled and complete, no further action

  1. Item Details

Show order details such as Product Name, Quantity and Shipping Option

  1. Shipping Address

Recipient address

  1. Order Notes

Display order event history 

  1. Tracking Number

fulfilled and complete, no further

For orders sent by Seller or picked up by Courier from Seller location, Seller must update shipment tracking details

  1. Shipping Provider Name

Enter the name of selected Courier service

  1. Tracking Number

Enter shipment tracking number

  1. Date Shipped

Enter date when the order has been shipped

Example of Invoice and Packing Slip


For Professional Seller & Basic Seller allowing Pickup from Seller Location 

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