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Listing & Inventory
Ways to list your products managing your inventory

e-Shop Dashboard displays the overall summary of your business insights such as sales, orders and the latest announcements

1. Navigate around the e-Shop Dashboard by selecting menu items from the side bar

Select to visit e-Shop page

Select to edit account settings

Select to logout

Follow the guidelines below to pass quality check and attract potential customers

  1. e-Shop Info – Displays e-Shop banner, logo, social profile and contact details
  2. Product Listing – Displays all product listing
  3. Store Hours – Displays physical store hours if provided
  4. Product Category – Displays all the categories where Seller products are located
  5. Contact Seller – Shopper may send enquiries to Seller via contact form

To access, select Settings > Store from side menu

  1. e-Shop Banner

Use image that best represent your products

TIPImage resolution: 1024×260 pixels

  1. Profile Picture

Upload your business logo

Minimum resolution: 300×300 pixels 

TIP Minimum resolution: 300×300 pixels

  1. Store Name

Enter your e-Shop display name

  1. Store Product Per Page

Set the number of products displayed on your e-Shop per page

  1. Address

Enter address if physical store is available

  1. Phone No

Enter phone no for Shoppers to contact Seller

  1. Email

Tick to display email

  1. Store Hours

Enter store hours if physical store is available

TIP – Enter physical store Address, Phone No, Email and Store Hours to maintain better contact with Shoppers

To access, select Settings > Social Profile from side menu

  1. Social Profiles

Enter existing social profile links for better engagement

To access, select Report from side menu

  1. Sales by Day

Views total sales and total number of orders

  1. Top Selling

Views top selling products and total orders

  1. Top Earning

Views top selling products and total sales

  1. Statement

 Views list of order transactions with the option to export as a .CSV file

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