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All the info you need to start selling faster and better!
e-Shop Dashboard displays the overall summary of your business insights such as sales, orders and the latest announcements 1. Navigate around the e-Shop Dashboard by selecting menu items from the side bar
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These are a few videos which you can a take a look to have a better idea on how Weelago Seller Center works!  

Getting started

Find out how to become a seller on and how to access your seller account

account management

Navigate around the e-Shop and get accustomed to the seller interface

product listing

Learn the simple steps on how to add new products and manage your listing

order fulfillment

Get familiarize with each process of the order management process


Learn how to grow your business on

panduan permulaan

Ketahui cara menjadi penjual di dan cara mengakses akaun penjual anda

Pengurusan Akaun

Navigasi di e-Shop dan membiasakan dengan pemukaan platform

Senarai Produk

Ketahui langkah mudah mengenai cara menambahkan produk baru dan menguruskan penyenaraian anda

Pengisian Pesanan

Memahami setiap proses  pengurusan pesanan

Pemasaran dan Promosi

Ketahui cara memajukan perniagaan anda di

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