Seller Agreement

1. Terms of Partnership
1.1 The partnership shall become effective upon the execution of this agreement and shall remain effective unless either party gives thirty (30) days written notice to the other party.

2. Payment/Commissions
2.1 A commission with the agreed amount of __________ (inclusive of 3% bank charges) shall be paid by the vendor to EC-Tech Solutions.

2.2 An admin fee of $5 BND will be charged to the vendor per month. However, if the total sales of the vendor is above $500 BND within that month, admin fee will be waived.

2.3 A $0.60 BND will be charged per product page uploaded in the website.

2.4 EC-Tech Solutions shall make payment of sales to the vendor in the form of cheque after the end of the calendar month. The payment of sales will be a total of all applicable sales made with a deduction of the agreed commission by both parties.

3. Order, Handling and Delivery
3.1 When a product order is made via, EC-Tech Solutions will forward the email with order details to _________________ (the vendor’s email) within 1 business day.

3.2 The vendor, upon receiving the email, shall immediately arrange to deliver the products to EC-Tech Office within 3 working days. EC-Tech will than send out to via buyer selected delivery services and shall provide the proof of delivery to Buyer.

3.3 The vendor agrees to replace the defective products supplied to the customer at its own cost and shall not hold EC-Tech Solutions responsible in any manner whatsoever.

4. Promise of Vendor
4.1 The vendor shall maintain adequate stock of the items at all times. In case stock is low, the vendor shall give notice to EC-Tech Solutions one (1) day in advance.


4.2 The vendor shall provide EC-Tech Solutions any promotional material as per request for the purpose of product display on

4.3 The vendor shall provide full, correct, accurate and true information of the product so as to enable the buyer to make an informed decision.

4.4 The vendor shall be solely responsible for the quality, guarantee and warranties in respect of the products offered on

5. Confidentiality
5.1 The contents of the agreement and any information passed on by EC-Tech Solutions to the vendor is highly confidential in nature and the vendor agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the information disclosed, generated or made available under this agreement.

6 Agreement Changes
6.1 EC-Tech Solutions reserves the right to change this agreement at any time in its sole discretion with the changes to become effective thirty (30) days after notice. If the vendor does not agree to any of the changes, the vendor may terminate this agreement prior to the date on which the changes were to take effect by providing a written notice to EC-Tech Solutions. However, if the vendor does not terminate the agreement then the continued partnership with EC-Tech Solutions will constitute your acceptance of the changes.