• Sabun Kepit (Feminine Wash)

    Sabun Kepit: 10 grams
    2-3 weeks usage

    1) Helps to cleanse Miss V and reduce redness and irritation due to infection
    2) Helps to tighten Miss V muscles
    3) Reduces itchiness and unpleasant odor in the Miss V
    4) Helps brighten the Miss V and groin
    5) Helps to provide long-lasting freshness and comfort to Miss V
    6) Reduces the growth of acne in Miss V and itching due to vaginal discharge
    7) Contains glutathione which helps in whitening Miss V and area around it

  • B-Bomb Serum

    BENEFITS of B-Bomb Serum:
    🌸 Increases bust size
    🌸 Gives a youthful appearance
    🌸 Gives you a fuller bustline
    🌸 Gives lasting results
    🌸 Lifts and firms breasts (removes sagginess)
    🌸 Provides a well-rounded appearance
    🌸 Is 100% safe and natural
    🌸 Overall improves breasts look and feel, giving you a sexy look and improved self-confidence.

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