Program Celik ICT Warga Emas @ Kompleks Dewan Kemasyarakatan Tutong, Jalan Bukit Bendera

On January 13th 2020, Weelago was invited by AITI to present in front of Warga Emas Tutong with the topic of Introducing The Experience of Online Shopping and Selling (Pengenalan Menganai Pembelian dan Penjualan Online).

Through this event, Weelago had the opportunity to showcase what Weelago is all about to the local SMEs. Become a Weelago Seller and enjoy all the benefits we offer, such as reach out to the people outside of your comfort zone and let them be your own customers.

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E-Commerce Awareness Roadshow @ Kolej IGS

On January 16th 2020, Weelago took the opportunity given by AITI to conduct a sharing session with the Business Students in IGS College. 

In conjunction of IGS’ Business Week, Weelago conducted an amazing presentation on Business Mindset with a mixture of the introduction of The team shared about how mindset can help your business and motivate you to improve throughout the journey of your business!

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CF King Enterprise Online Shop Launching @ 24th Consumer Fair, ICC

On January 17th 2020, the day of the launching of CF King ASUS Laptops in in conjunction of the 24th Consumer Fair at ICC, Berakas!

It has been marked that Weelago is the chosen platform by CF King to have their High-End ASUS Laptops online. Said Weelago to be a very powerful platform for customers to shop easily. Weelago will always try their best and promises to give both seller and shopper the very best experience of selling and shopping.

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